Friday, February 22, 2013

Kansas City Car Detailing Promo Video Shoot

As the 2012 Kansas City car detailing year was coming to an end, we knew that we had to take it to the next level for 2013. With our clients raving about their auto detailing experience, we needed to find a way to show consumers what our customers have to say about us. Beyond just getting testimonies though, we wanted to show you some footage of us detailing cars while giving you a little bit about what the owner of KC Detailing has to say and why the employees like working at our Kansas City auto detail company.

So what did we do? We called up Todd Davidson with Todd Davidson Photography to shoot some promo videos. Todd was more than happy to partner up with us to getting the project done. He quickly setup an appointment to get the ball rolling on Kansas City Car Detailing promo videos.

With all of the filming done, it is now time to edit. There will be six videos in total. It really shows why we are the top choice for car detailing in Kansas City. Make sure to follow our auto detailing company as things continue to progress.

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